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Trump or Biden – who will win?

Who do you think will win the 2020 American Presidential election? Will it be the Democrat, Joe Biden, or the incumbent Republican, Donald Trump? Let us know in our poll here!

Biden or Trump?

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One Week Left: Clinton or Trump?

Today, the 2016 presidential election day is exactly one week away. November 8 is the day voters across the United States have to decide who they want as President. The winner will, without a doubt, be one of the candidates from the two big political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, the question remains, will it be the Democrat Hillary Clinton or the Republican candidate Donald Trump?

Continue reading “One Week Left: Clinton or Trump?”

Trump’s Won the Republican Nomination – Or Has He?

Donald Trump is the last candidate standing in the Republican Primary Election. This became evident with the withdrawals from both Ted Cruz and John Kasich in wake of last week’s primary in Indiana. So, does this means Trump will become the Republicans’ candidate for President? Not necessarily… Continue reading “Trump’s Won the Republican Nomination – Or Has He?”

Clinton and Trump Cruise Towards Nominations

With under a month and half left of the primaries, April 26th marked one of the last “Super Tuesdays”. In other words, this was one of the last opportunities for the challengers to strike a blow against the front-runners. And this, of course, leaves the questions, who won? Who lost? And what do these results mean? Continue reading “Clinton and Trump Cruise Towards Nominations”

Trump and Clinton Claim New York

After a period with no major primary days on the schedule for the hopeful presidential candidates, the state of New York was up on Tuesday. For Hillary Clinton this meant to strike back against Bernie Sanders after he has won seven out of the last eight primaries. On the Republican side, Donald Trump was looking to crush Ted Cruz and build upon his lead. And as always, the questions then are, who won? Who lost? And what do these results mean? Continue reading “Trump and Clinton Claim New York”

A Brokered Convention

What is a brokered convention in American politics? Why might it become relevant this year and what impact can it have? These question will be answered in the following, when this potentially historical and decisive event is scrutinized. Continue reading “A Brokered Convention”

Sanders Gains Momentum in the West

After last week’s delegate-heavy Super Tuesday, which provided the frontrunners from each party with a big leap towards securing the nominations, this week was different – especially for the Democrats. While the Republicans had a quiet week with only two states, six states were on the line for the Democrats. The questions then are, who won? Who lost? And what do these results mean? Continue reading “Sanders Gains Momentum in the West”

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