American Elections

A look at the Presidential and Congressional elections in the United States


Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a former US Secretary of State (2009-2013), Senator freom New York (2001-2009) and First Lady (1993-2001). Despite losing the Democratic nomination for President in 2008 to Obama,  Continue reading “Hillary Clinton”

Who is NOT running?

There are a lot of candidates who have announced that they are seeking a nomination for the presidential election (especially Republicans) this year. Those candidates can be seen on this site under Democratic Candidates and Republican Candidates, including those who have dropped out of the race. However, in the following, an overview of potential candidates who opted not to run will be presented Continue reading “Who is NOT running?”

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee is a former Senator (1999-2007) and also the former Governor of Rhode Island (2011-2015). He ran as a Republican during his time in the Senate, after which he became and Independent Continue reading “Lincoln Chafee”

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