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Clinton Wins Last Super Tuesday and The Nomination

After the Last Super Tuesday in the 2016 Primary Election process, Hillary Clinton has emerged as the winner of the Democratic nomination. The primaries in big states, such as California, New Mexico and New Jersey, has provided Clinton with enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee before the Democratic National Convention next month. Continue reading “Clinton Wins Last Super Tuesday and The Nomination”

Clinton beats Sanders in Nevada

Nevada was the proving ground for the two remaining Democrats in the third test after Iowa and New Hampshire. It is also the second to last trial before the decisive Super Tuesday on March 1st. This leaves the important questions: Who won? Who lost? And what do these results mean? Continue reading “Clinton beats Sanders in Nevada”

The Winners in Iowa

The first caucus for the American presidential election in 2016 is over. The people of Iowa have chosen their favorite candidates for the Democratic and Republican nomination for president. So, who won? Who lost? And what do these results mean? Continue reading “The Winners in Iowa”

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is an incumbent US Senator from Vermont and is the longest-serving independent candidate in the history of the US Congress. He was a House representative from Vermont for 16 years (1991-2007) and has been a US Senator since 2007. Continue reading “Bernie Sanders”

Jim Webb

Jim Webb is a former US Senator from Virginia (2007-2013) and is considered a Vietnam War hero, being awarded two Purple Hearts decorations among others for his military services. Continue reading “Jim Webb”

Martin O’Malley

Martin O’Malley is the former governor of Maryland (2007-2015) and mayor of Baltimore (1999-2007). After leaving the governor’s office in the beginning of 2015, he has become a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins Univerity. Continue reading “Martin O’Malley”

Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is a political activist, author, attorney and professor at Harvard Law School. He has advocated for less legal restrictions on copyright and trademark on technological and digital applications. He ia also the author of the book Republic, Lost, in which he argues that rich interests have too much political power in the US. Continue reading “Lawrence Lessig”

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