American Elections

A look at the Presidential and Congressional elections in the United States



Biden or Trump?

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The Low Voter Turnout

The American voters are choosing to abstain from voting more than ever. At the latest election, the midterm elections in 2014, the voter turnout was a little over 36%.  In other words, almost two-thirds of those eligible to vote, stayed home on Election Day.  Continue reading “The Low Voter Turnout”

Unequal Representation?

When a child receives a big and expensive present for Christmas from one uncle and maybe a smaller and inexpensive one from another uncle, the child tends to favor the first uncle. Maybe the same can be said about political candidates and their contributors? Do rich interests have greater access and influence in politics through the favor of political candidates compared to poorer interests? Continue reading “Unequal Representation?”

The Impact of Lobbying

“In the marketplace of American politics, the packaging of political issues is often as important as the product.”

This quote underlines both the impact of lobbying activities and the need for it in the current political and electoral environment in the US. Continue reading “The Impact of Lobbying”

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