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A look at the Presidential and Congressional elections in the United States

Why Lobbying is Allowed, part II

After examining the First Amendment and the Supreme Court’s role in Part I, this part will take a look at the legislative branch, Congress, and its role in allowing lobbying and soft money in US politics. Through the past decades, Congress has tried to reform the way lobbying and campaign finance works. Continue reading “Why Lobbying is Allowed, part II”

Why Lobbying is Allowed, part I

Why it is allowed for lobbyists, interest groups and other outside actors to engage in lobbying activities to the extent it currently is. The Constitution, the Supreme Court and Congress have all shaped the current legal framework that enable lobbying activities. Continue reading “Why Lobbying is Allowed, part I”

The Impact of Lobbying

“In the marketplace of American politics, the packaging of political issues is often as important as the product.”

This quote underlines both the impact of lobbying activities and the need for it in the current political and electoral environment in the US. Continue reading “The Impact of Lobbying”

Lobbying in the US

First of all, “what is lobbying?” you might ask. Lobbying can be defined as “the communication of data or opinion by someone other than a citizen acting on his or her own behalf to a governmental decision maker in an effort to influence a specific decision.” In other words, a lobbyist is someone who tries to gain political influence on the behalf of someone else. Continue reading “Lobbying in the US”

Independent and Third Party Candidates

The United States has a two-party system. However, a candidate can still run for president without representing either the Democratic- or Republican party. Continue reading “Independent and Third Party Candidates”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has built a business empire as a real estate developer, but is perhaps better known for his outspoken personality and successful reality TV show, The Apprentice. Continue reading “Donald Trump”

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is an incumbent US Senator from Vermont and is the longest-serving independent candidate in the history of the US Congress. He was a House representative from Vermont for 16 years (1991-2007) and has been a US Senator since 2007. Continue reading “Bernie Sanders”

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio has been the junior US Senator from Florida since he surprisingly won the seat during the 2010 midterm elections. Being a second-generation Cuban American Continue reading “Marco Rubio”

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