Today, the 2016 presidential election day is exactly one week away. November 8 is the day voters across the United States have to decide who they want as President. The winner will, without a doubt, be one of the candidates from the two big political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, the question remains, will it be the Democrat Hillary Clinton or the Republican candidate Donald Trump?

It has definitely been one of the craziest elections in recent US history. On the Democrats’ side the clear favorite Clinton won, though it has not been a walk in the park for the former first lady. The long-time independent turned Democrat, Bernie Sanders, made the primary election to become the Democrats’ candidate much closer than anyone had expected. The movement that Sanders build had, despite his loss, a substantial effect on the political debate and Clinton’s campaign. In addition to the surprisingly tough primary election, scandals have also followed Hillary Clinton all through out the election year, namely the “e-mail scandal“. This scandal has just recently blown up again with only days until the actual election.

Hillary Clinton

However, the “craziness” involving the Democratic side of things are nothing compared to its Republican counterparts. All the party’s (and media’s) favorites, such as Jeb Bush, were crushed by the businessman Donald Trump, who almost no one considered a serious candidate a year ago. Since he started his campaign, Trump has been followed by countless scandals and said things that would end most politicians’ careers, yet his supporters still believe in him. On the other hand, his support among the Republican party is not too great, considering he is their nominee for president. Thus, many Republicans distance themselves from Trump and his sometimes radical statements. But he is still in the race and in one week we will know if he can win, but what is his chance versus Clinton?

Donald Trump

Despite the recent resurfacing of Clinton’s e-mail scandal, she still holds a lead over Trump in most polls. Yet, the lead is not as big as it was just a week ago, thus everything can happen on November 8. Who do you hope becomes the next President of the Unites States? Write your thoughts in the comment section below and if you are eligible to vote, remember to do so!

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)