After the Last Super Tuesday in the 2016 Primary Election process, Hillary Clinton has emerged as the winner of the Democratic nomination. The primaries in big states, such as California, New Mexico and New Jersey, has provided Clinton with enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee before the Democratic National Convention next month.

With six states on the line on this last Super Tuesday and only very few delegates left before the convention, the race is all but over. And the winner is Hillary Clinton, after she won the three most delegate-heavy states Tuesday, including the most populous state in the US, California. Furthermore, with the delegates and super delegates she has accumulated now, Clinton has over half of the total number. In other words, unless (a lot) the super delegates change their minds before or at the convention in July, Clinton will win the nomination.

However, as of now, Bernie Sanders has not withdrawn from the race and might keep on fighting until the Democratic National Convention. The Sanders Campaign’s only hope seems to be to convince the Super Delegates to vote for him or that Clinton is forced to withdraw her candidacy for some outside reason. More realistically though, Sanders might just want to influence the political agenda further and force Clinton to become more liberal and less moderate in her policies and political promises. However, it seems inevitable that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia & Gage Skidmore)