Jim Webb is a former US Senator from Virginia (2007-2013) and is considered a Vietnam War hero, being awarded two Purple Hearts decorations among others for his military services. Webb was also Secretary of the Navy (1987-1988) during the Reagan administration. Furthermore, it can be mentioned that he was rumored to be picked as Obama’s Vice President in 2008 but opted to stay in the Senate.

Age: 69 (born February 9, 1946)

Campaign: Jim Webb 2016

Main political views: Webb can be defined as a social conservative Democrat, with views on racial issues that are out of sync with the rest of his party. He is probably the most “right-wing” candidate among the Democrats running in 2016.

Chances of winning: Webb dropped out of the race in October, arguably due to low poll-numbers. The reasons for these are considered to be Hillary Clinton‘s popularity and Webb’s relative conservative views.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)