Rick Perry was the longest-serving governor of Texas (2000-2015), a position he filled after George W. Bush left for the White House. This is the second time Perry mount a campaign for the White House. In 2012, he also ran for the Republican nomination and was considered among the more serious contenders initially. However, his campaign went down hill and ultimately failed, in part due to his now famous “oops-moment” during one of the televised debates.

Age: 65 (born March 4, 1950)

Campaign: Rick Perry for President

Main political views: Perry is a typical southern Republican with conservative views on social policies and might lack political views that makes him stand out in the crowded Republican field.

Chances of winning: Rick Perry dropped out as the first of the 17 Republican candidates, in the beginning of September. Lack of support and funds are considered the main factors behind this, as well a realistic self assessment of his chances perhaps.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)