Martin O’Malley is the former governor of Maryland (2007-2015) and mayor of Baltimore (1999-2007). After leaving the governor’s office in the beginning of 2015, he has become a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins Univerity. O’Malley was responsible for legalizing same-sex marriage in Maryland in 2012. He also plays in a Celtic rock band.

Age: 52 (born January 18, 1963)

Campaign: Martin O’Malley for President

Main political views: O’Malley is part of the more progressive left-wing of the Democratic party, along with popular progressives such as fellow candidate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who is not running.

Chances of winning: Even though there are only three candidates for the Democratic nomination going into 2016, O’Malley seems without chances. There are two reasons for this, Hillary Clinton and Sanders. Firstly, Clinton is such a big favorite and have secured most of the moderate and established Democrat’s votes. Secondly, Sanders seems to have won the fight for the more left-wing and progressive voters in the Democratic party, leaving O’Malley with very few supporters, which polls also indicates.

Update: Martin O’Malley withdrew from the race after recieving less than 1% of the vote in the Iowa caucus, leaving only two candidates figthing for the Democratic nomination.

(Photo credit: Karen Murphy)