Lawrence Lessig is a political activist, author, attorney and professor at Harvard Law School. He has advocated for less legal restrictions on copyright and trademark on technological and digital applications. He ia also the author of the book Republic, Lost, in which he argues that rich interests have too much political power in the US.

Age: 61 (born June 3, 1954)

Campaign: Lessig 2016

Main political views: Lessig’s campaign was set in motion to shed light on the need for campaign finance reform to stop the influx of special interest money into American politics. He believes there is what he calls a “money election,” in which a candidate must excel before being able to win or compete in the real elections in American politics.

Chances of winning: None, Lessig dropped out of the race in the beginning of November after not qualifying (or being invited) to the DNC’s (Democratic National Convention) televised debate. However, like most of the outside Democratic candidates such as Lincoln Chafee, he was polling around or under 1% before his exit from the race.

(Photo credit: Robert Scoble)