The incumbent governor of Ohio, John Kasich, assumed office in 2011. He was representing the state of Ohio for an impressive nine terms in the House (1983-2001), after which Kasich became a political commentator at Fox News Channel and a managing director at the investment bank Lehman Brothers’ Ohio office before running for governor.

Age: 63 (born May 13, 1952)

Campaign: American Needs Gov. John Kasich

Main political views: Kasich is a typical fiscal-conservative and resembles Jeb Bush the most when looking at the front-runners, which means that if Bush does poorly or drops out, Kasich will hope to poach those supporters. Despite his investment banking background, Kasich is popular among the blue-collar voters and he is favored in the important swing-state Ohio.

Chances of winning: In a smaller and less competitive field, Kasich might have been counted among the front-runners. However, in this year’s Republican field, he is considered an outsider along with candidates such as Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina. In the top 10, but not the top five.

Update: John Kasich was the last candidate to withdraw from the race, leaving only Donald Trump in the race. Kasich stayed in the race longer than most people would have predicted and ran a good campaign, which ended in the beginning of May after the Indiana Primary.

(Photo credit: Michael Vadon)