Lindsey Graham is the current senior Senator from South Carolina (2003-) and has also served the state in the House of Representatives for one term (1993-1995). As many of the other candidates, he has served with the US Military and his active duty was as a military lawyer stationed in Germany (1984-1988). It can also be noted that this is Graham’s first attempt at the White House.

Age: 60 (born July 9, 1955)

Campaign: 16, Graham, President

Main political views: Generally, considered a moderate Republican. Nonetheless, Graham can be defined as a political “war hawk” or interventionist, meaning he tends to favor military options when it comes to foreign policymaking. This have earned him an endorsement from the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, John McCain.

Chances of winning: Graham’s chances of winning the nomination are slim at best. He is considered to run in order to represent the “hawkish” constituent of the Republican party. Yet, despite running a good campaign, he is rarely counted among even the outsiders for the nomination.

Update: Lindsey Graham dropped out of the race on December 21st 2015. He later chose to endorse Jeb Bush.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)