Ted Cruz is a relatively young Senator from Texas (2013-) and before his political career began he was the Solicitor General of Texas under Rick Perry. Despite his short career in politics, Cruz has quickly made a name for himself on the far-right in the Republican party. Especially, during the fiscal cliff crisis, where Cruz was one of the most determined opponents towards the Obama administration’s wish to raise the debt ceiling.

Age: 44 (born December 22, 1970 )

Campaign: Ted Cruz 2016: Reigniting the Promise of America

Main political views: Ted Cruz’ views are leaning further to the right compared to most of the favorites in the field. He is anti-establishment and favored heavily among the Tea Party movement.

Chances of winning: Although, Ted Cruz is considered an outsider, he is still a contender. His weakness towards winning the Republican nomination is his anti-establishment sentiment and his critical view of his own party, which along with his far-right policies might alienate many moderate Republicans and swing-voters. However, he will probably stay in the race for quite a while, hoping to gain the support of, especially, Donald Trump‘s followers, when (or if) Trump eventually drops out.

Update: Ted Cruz ran a good campaign and ended up being the biggest challenger to Donald Trump. However, he suspended his campaign in the beginning of May in the wake of the Indiana Primary.

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)