Lincoln Chafee is a former Senator (1999-2007) and also the former Governor of Rhode Island (2011-2015). He ran as a Republican during his time in the Senate, after which he became and Independent until he chose to become a Democrat in 2013, which also is the party’s nomination he is running for in 2016.

Age: 62 (born March 26, 1953)

Campaign: Lincoln Chafee: Fresh Ideas for America

Main political views: Chafee is characterized as a moderate, a former “moderate Republican” and now a Democrat ditto. This means alienating both the far right- and left-wing voters, the latter containing those crucial voters needed for the primaries.

Chances of winning: None. Chafee dropped out of the race early after polling under 1%. The strong and sovereign Democratic front-runners this year, leaves almost no chance for any outsider for the Democratic nomination.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)