Carly Fiorina is one of just two women in the race for a presidential nomination for either parties (the other being Hillary Clinton). She launched her political career with a failed bid for a Senate seat from California in 2010. Before then, Fiorina was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard for six years (1999-2005), providing her with one of the most impressive non-political résumés in the current field.

Age: 61 (born September 6, 1954 )

Campaign: New Possibilities. Real Leadership. Carly for President

Main political views: In the vastness of the Republican field, Fiorina is struggling to get her views out to the voters, like many of the other candidates, who are not among the front-runners. However, it is assumed that she is business-friendly and it could also be noted that she is pro-life and in favor of overturning the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Chances of winning: Fiorina is considered an outsider, trailing the front-runners. However, she is not far behind the “realistic” favorites, such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. She has the business experience of a Trump, without all the noise surrounding him and this might favor her in the long run.

Update: Carly Fiorina suspended her campaign after the New Hampshire Primary. She did not make an impact at the first primaries and as a result she withdrew her bid for the presidency. Fiorina later chose to endorse Ted Cruz.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)