Ben Carson is a soft-spoken, retired surgeon, who is one of the few candidates with no political career prior to seeking the nomination for 2016. Instead Carson has been one of the leading neurosurgeons in the US. Additionally, he is the only African-American candidate seeking a nomination for the 2016 election for either party.

Age: 64 (born September 18, 1951)

Campaign: Ben Carson for President 2016, Heal – Inspire – Revive

Main political views: His views align with the far-right, the evangelical Christians and the Tea Party movement factions within the GOP. On the other hand, he is not popular among the establishment, due to his far-right views and lack of political experience which could hurt his and the party’s chances in the general election.

Chances of winning: Initially, Carson was thought to have virtually no chance of winning the nomination due to his lack of political experience (not since 1952 has the American public elected a president without experience from public office.) However, the voters disdain towards established career politicians have given outside candidates, such as Carson, a surge in the polls and the former surgeon is now considered to be among the top five front-runners.

Update: After Super Tuesday, Ben Carson said that he no longer had a chance of winning the nomination and that he would not participate in any more debates. Instead, Carson said he would devote his campaign and time to get Christians to vote. He later endorsed his former rival Donald Trump.

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)